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The current & past musings of a working artist, author & poet, Vakker Maskiner (Beautiful Machines) is Sapha Burnell's call out to a creator's life in Canada, in the cosmos & in your heart. 

Usurper Kings on Paperback

Usurper Kings
By Sapha Burnell

The singular experience of holding your first paperback book in your hands is incredible. I sat back with a cup of black coffee and rested on the futon facing the purple pop-wall in my partner's living room and opened the sample bag with Usurper Kings inside. Wind rustled in the trees outside the bank of windows, a swathe of green reflecting chipper and gentle on the purple and pink of Usurper King's cover art. 

I fell in love. 

Usurper Kings is a first work in a bath tub of many. It's a poetry collection which burbled up from over a decade of experience throughout the feminine and masculine worlds. It's been called "jaw-droppingly beautiful" and "structured with strength and individual beauty" and "the book that made me glad I'm on author Burnell's side of the gender divide". It's a privilege and prayer answered to have it, and love each pop of black ink on white paper. 

Here's to you loving it too.