TWUC AGM & The National Council

The Writer's Union of Canada's 2016 AGM concluded its' second plenary session with a coffee break. Anne Sobie walked up to me with my empty coffee tumbler and asked a question I thought was years in coming: "Will you run for Advocate on National Council?"

Am I an established member with years of experience within the Union? No. But my passion and dedication encouraged a seconder to her motion, a third, and enough members of The Writers Union of Canada that they put my nomination up to the Nomination Committee.  

I am incredibly honoured and proud to have been voted to the National Council as an Advocate (Member at Large). My work on promoting gender equality, encouraging fellow female writers and increasing diversity in fiction is taking a few dozen leaps upward with the support and belief of the Union. 

I put it to you all, my fans, readers and fellow writers to let me know how you think we can diversify Canadian Literature & create a climate for cultural expansion in all our minority groups, gender & sexual orientations and religious leanings. Thoughts? How're we going to do this, folks?