CWS Keynote Lecture Notes: Rise of the Intrapreneur by Chitra Anand

These are my (Sapha Burnell's) lecture notes from Chitra Anand(@Chitra_Anand)'s Keynote Speech at the Canadian Writers' Summit in Toronto, June 15 - 19, 2015.


  • During a time of disruption, intrapreneurs help through transformation
  • Reset perception of Brand in the Market
  • Challenges conventional thinking to drive innovation & creative thinking

Intrapreneurs are:

  • Disruptive
  • Trendspotting
  • Cultivating ideas
  • know how to pivot
  • driven by passion
  • addressing potential gaps

Technology sped up globalization

Technology is a fiercely competitive world, where the Consumer is EMPOWERED.

  • Social Media has empowered the consumer.
  • Product sales come from asking: “Why do people connect with this product?” 
  • Relevance and innovation are the key to new products/books on market.
  • Speed to Market cannot be fast enough (for technology)

Consumers have 4 Main Trends:

  • Mobile: Consumers check their smartphones everywhere, working anytime, and anywhere.
  • Social: Online shopping. Millennial use devices in real-time. 70% trust consumer reviews. There’s a new Triple Bottom Line. They want Referrals and Healthy Products. 
  • Cloud: Data Storage online, via off-site servers where users can share information faster. 
  • Big Data: Visual Data is the new currency, when it brings a synthesis of information. Need to use marketing information to influence buying behaviour.

Marketing 5.0

  1. Becoming a walking ethnographer for human understanding.
    1. Be a viewer of people.
    2. Observe Human Interaction at every opportunity.
  2. Harness the power of data
    1. Turn information into Money
  3. Create and Maintain Relevance
    1. Become habitual for your customers.
    2. Publish often enough to keep the customers minds on your new work.
  4. Focus on innovation & speed to market
    1. Might be a bit hard for authors, when speed can = sloppy work.
  5. Understand the power of creative storytelling.
    1. We love stories.
    2. We retain stories.
    3. Story first, product last. (ie. #LikeAGirl)
    4. Look at the social & political large picture. 
    5. How do we craft our story around what we are doing?