Son of Abel Cover Art

Cover art. The ubiquitous calling card of any book, it's more important to the initial sale of a book than the pages inside. Until someone cracks open the spine and reads it, mind me. I'm stunned at the cover art for my upcoming novella Son of Abel. Vræyda Literary's art director Marissa Wagner is a genius when it comes to these things, and I'm so glad she was there to staunch my one dull idea. 

Son of Abel's cover art was designed by Marissa Wagner, with photography from Felix Russell-Saw. I'm in love.

During my last Vancouver Writers' Bloc meeting, we were huddled in the warmth of the Shebeen Whiskey House in Downtown Vancouver with pints of beer, glasses of wine and charcuterie lined on thin tables. Several of my author peers began lamenting the cover art of various editions, translations and paperback/hardcover copies of their books. I love my Vancouver Writers' Bloc companions. As a newbie author, their courage, advice and experience have helped craft my continuing expansion into 'being an author' in Canada. 

I love that their caution over cover art had me asking my publisher for something graphically profound, fresh and impactful. Thank the heavens I got it! So, gentle fans and readers, what do you think of my new cover art?