Tellers of Short Tales Success

I was overjoyed to read two of my short stories, The Wendigo and Loki/Sigyn at the Royal City Literary Arts Society's Tellers of Short Tales on May 2nd, 2017. We were at the Anvil Centre in New Westminster, BC and had a great, engaged crowd. Nasreen Pejvack was our wonderful host, and one woman I am privileged to know. 

Video, recorded by Vræyda Literary (my publisher) is forthcoming, and I'm so glad to have it. Enjoy these pictures from the RCLAS, and check out their website (link above) for more of the offerings throughout New West.  

The Anvil Centre, upstairs. A view of the New West Quay, and me.

The Anvil Centre, upstairs. A view of the New West Quay, and me.

I am the father of monsters. By my seed I have created wolves and serpents, half-dead daughters and sons whose pale skin fades in the night.

I am Loki, son of and father of and brother of monsters.
Mighty stallion, Svadilfari trotted to my mare-shape. He whinnied and stamped like I had done with Angrboda, with Sigyn. I ran.
— Loki (Excerpt from Loki/Sigyn)
‘Die a runner. We could put ‘coward’ on your tombstone. Maybe ‘Judas’ would be a better epitaph. You might relate to that one.’ The stars held in their scorn flickers of the aches in his knee. Caleb clung to the ache of a wandering kneecap against cartilage which used to be fine enough for a man his age. Loose ligaments played discordant vibrato against his femur. Against his leg-bones and his fleeting conscience.
The Wendigo.
My God, its’ snuffling hissed into his ears.
“Shut up. Shut. Up. I’m. Working.” Caleb grunted, pushing his body up the trunk of a cherry tree planted by city aldermen who couldn’t conceive that their row of trees would hinder future cars. Caleb rubbed his eyes with the back of his hand, still holding his midriff together with the other numb limb.
— (Excerpt) The Wendigo
Reading  Loki/Sigyn  to a wonderful crowd.

Reading Loki/Sigyn to a wonderful crowd.

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