10th Annual Goodreads Choice Awards: Fantasy Nomination for Son of Abel!

My Beautiful Machines,

I’m privileged to be nominated this year for a Goodreads Choice Award: Fantasy Genre, by some of my loyal fans. This is a true democratic award, and I need your help to grow Son of Abel’s presence on the list.

Please Vote for “Son of Abel” in the Best Fantasy Genre of the Goodreads Choice Awards by:

  1. Login to Goodreads.

  2. Follow this Link to the Best Fantasy Book Category.

  3. Go to the bottom, where it says “Write-In Vote”.

  4. Type in “Son of Abel” and it will come up, by Sapha Burnell.

  5. Vote. And make my day by sharing your vote on Social Media!

Thanks to all of you, who vote for Son of Abel. You’re making my world!

Sapha Burnell