I'm Headlining! Tellers of Short Tales May 2nd

The Royal City Literary Arts Society is hosting a monthly program of readings designed to engage readers of the short story genre with emerging and published short story writers. Before the open microphone kicks off on May 2nd, I'll be kicking it spec-fic school with short stories from my upcoming collection The Wendigo & Fox Wives.

Come out May 2nd @6:00 - 8:00 pm for this free-for-fans event and bring your copies of my books for a signature. Don't have a copy? My books Usurper Kings and Son of Abel will be for sale!


Want more info? Email Tellers of Short Tales coordinator Nasreen Pejvack (nasreenpejvack [at] rclas [dot] com). 

Norwegians and Coffee

My fave font of inspiration, a cup of coffee was part of my daily routine since my brother and I were carted off in the Canadian pre-dawn hours to hockey and figure skating practices. Grandpa rose first, putting his own spin on the coffee each morning, a sprinkle of salt on top of the beans as his mother had done, on the farm. 

As I spend time healing from pneumonia, I've got less stamina than a sponge at low tide, and find the powers of nostalgia are hitting wild and as clear as the water in my kettle. So, while I cannot do, I read. 

Nordic Coffee Culture did a five part series on java in my beloved cultural home. Give it a read! The first part of their article is here: http://nordiccoffeeculture.com/a-history-of-coffee-in-norway-part-one/

Searching for Reviewers

Son of Abel is coming early 2017 and YOU, fair fans & readers, can have a piece of the action. Want to read Son of Abel before the cool kids at the bookstore? Are you a reviewer? We need your reviews before Son of Abel comes out. Call it hype, call it an author's hope for 5 stars, call it good press. Whatever you call it, I get a review, you get a free book.

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Be part of the action & read a pre-release review copy of Son of Abel.