I'm Headlining! Tellers of Short Tales May 2nd

The Royal City Literary Arts Society is hosting a monthly program of readings designed to engage readers of the short story genre with emerging and published short story writers. Before the open microphone kicks off on May 2nd, I'll be kicking it spec-fic school with short stories from my upcoming collection The Wendigo & Fox Wives.

Come out May 2nd @6:00 - 8:00 pm for this free-for-fans event and bring your copies of my books for a signature. Don't have a copy? My books Usurper Kings and Son of Abel will be for sale!


Want more info? Email Tellers of Short Tales coordinator Nasreen Pejvack (nasreenpejvack [at] rclas [dot] com). 

The Count in the Viewing Room with the Valet - A New Boy and the Circuit Breakers Preview

“I’m more concerned that the scoundrel who got the painting up here is found. There’s too much connected with that canvas and Mademoiselle Zayn has taken far too massive a risk for what should have been a simple appraisal. New Boy and that Circuit fellow are as silent as the painting and it’s getting hard!”

The Butler’s brow furrowed, he doffed his jacket to the same metal valet which held the Count’s and he untied his tie, letting it drape on the woollen fabric of the two dinner jackets. He fondled the fabric in his fingers, brushing his thumb against a small spot of lint until the Count’s hands wrapped around his. 

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