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Son of Abel is coming early 2017 and YOU, fair fans & readers, can have a piece of the action. Want to read Son of Abel before the cool kids at the bookstore? Are you a reviewer? We need your reviews before Son of Abel comes out. Call it hype, call it an author's hope for 5 stars, call it good press. Whatever you call it, I get a review, you get a free book.

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Be part of the action & read a pre-release review copy of Son of Abel.

Signed Copies of Usurper Kings: Only 4 Left!

Need some Sapha in your life? (Everybody does, trust me) You can have one of the last 4 signed copies of Usurper Kings poetry collection in existence, in the world. 

"A riot of expression" Usurper Kings is Sapha Burnell's primordial poetry collection inspecting religion and femininity through time. Catch it at on Amazon, Goodreads, ChaptersIndigo, Barnes & Noble and indie bookstores near you.

The Count in the Viewing Room with the Valet - A New Boy and the Circuit Breakers Preview

“I’m more concerned that the scoundrel who got the painting up here is found. There’s too much connected with that canvas and Mademoiselle Zayn has taken far too massive a risk for what should have been a simple appraisal. New Boy and that Circuit fellow are as silent as the painting and it’s getting hard!”

The Butler’s brow furrowed, he doffed his jacket to the same metal valet which held the Count’s and he untied his tie, letting it drape on the woollen fabric of the two dinner jackets. He fondled the fabric in his fingers, brushing his thumb against a small spot of lint until the Count’s hands wrapped around his. 

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Usurper Kings on Paperback

Usurper Kings
By Sapha Burnell

The singular experience of holding your first paperback book in your hands is incredible. I sat back with a cup of black coffee and rested on the futon facing the purple pop-wall in my partner's living room and opened the sample bag with Usurper Kings inside. Wind rustled in the trees outside the bank of windows, a swathe of green reflecting chipper and gentle on the purple and pink of Usurper King's cover art. 

I fell in love. 

Usurper Kings is a first work in a bath tub of many. It's a poetry collection which burbled up from over a decade of experience throughout the feminine and masculine worlds. It's been called "jaw-droppingly beautiful" and "structured with strength and individual beauty" and "the book that made me glad I'm on author Burnell's side of the gender divide". It's a privilege and prayer answered to have it, and love each pop of black ink on white paper. 

Here's to you loving it too.