Salomon Calder waits in a Cathedral for the man who changed his life 80 years before. Caleb Mauthisen would come. He always came, that's what was wrong with him.

Salomon Calder waits in a Cathedral for the man who changed his life 80 years before. Caleb Mauthisen would come. He always came, that's what was wrong with him.


The Judge of Mystics Saga


The Judge of Mystics Trilogy is dedicated to the adventures of Lutheran Priest and single dad Caleb Mauthisen. Bathed in mythology and contemporary magic, Caleb travels the realms to keep the spiritual & mystic world from combusting. Cast as the Outsider, he traverses between Fae Folk, Aesir, Kami & Anasazi's Brood to keep the peace, without humanity becoming collateral damage. 

How long until he picks a side?

Adventure with Caleb, daughter Karisma, retired exorcist dad Ray, best friend Finnegan the Leprechaun, and a host of figures from the mythologies of ancient Europe, Africa, North America, Korea & Japan in stories published through novellas, literary journals, & short story collections.

Book One: Son of Abel

Son of Abel
By Sapha Burnell
Why is it, I wonder, that every tattoo place I send you to has an outrageous accident minutes before you arrive?
— Finnegan, Son of Abel

Finnegan was having the best day. His pub was lively, he had time for an extra pint and that ginger haired beauty who'd been giving him the eye. When Caleb Mauthisen called for a magical evac from the Outer Hebrides, what the heck, that would make for more entertainment! Caleb's adventures always came with a few good yarns. Right? Wrong. 

Caleb's obsession with a magical tattoo had the power to end a long-term truce. Who will save Caleb from the crimson claws of his ex, the gypsy enchantress Delilah? Will Caleb find the closure he seeks? Who will save Finnegan from the Vancouver Transit System? 

Journey with Caleb, Finnegan, Ray & Delilah as Caleb searches for the origin of a story older than Christ and twice as twisted. Son of Abel is Sapha Burnell’s contemporary speculative fiction novella, and soon to be a hit with adventurous readers, and those who like to laugh.

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Book Two

‘The Judge! The holy Ban-Hammer! You’re the one they send when you’re banished to unholy oblivion, or given one scrappy chance to turn your life around! You’re reform school on Meth! Why did Mom send you!? Why didn’t she come for me!?’ Lilith started flailing, hopping up on her tip toes as her voice ascended to pitches which would have made dogs cry. Caleb stood with his mouth agape, staring at the fitful pubescent terror of a spastic teenaged girl.
’Aaaannnndd I’m out.’ Caleb turned an about face and stormed off, hitting ‘call’ on his phone.
— Sapha Burnell, Book of Revels

In the sequel to Son of Abel, Caleb Mauthisen promises to take the school run for Delilah’s expelled daughter Lilith…

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A long, shaven fang slopped into his palm, soaked in the life-blood which should have been inside of him, pumping on its marathon circuit around his heart.
The night broke with the snuffling, raw bellow of the Wendigo’s hunting call. Caleb shut his lips and pushed his knee fruitlessly at the mossy ground. He was lost.
— The Wendigo (Burnell)