Sapha is like a young Wolfgang Pauli, in every laboratory he went, there was a little explosion.
— David Roomy

Sapha focusses on

comparative ancient mythology, futurist settings, poetry & contemporary magic realism.

Career Highlights

  • 2005 Won Horizons Award for Best Villain, Best Characterization, Best Dialogue & Best Comedic Moment

  • 2006 Won Horizons Award for Best Duel, Best Villain, Best Protagonist & Best Comedic Moment

  • 2007 Published "Generosus" in [ S P A C E S ] Literary Journal

  • 2010 Assistant Instructor of Self Defence for Women & Martial Arts for Men at a Liberal Arts University

  • 2013 Won Trainee Instructor of the Year Award for Region 119C (WTTU)

  • 2014 Published "Rust" in MacroMicroCosm Literary & Art Journal

  • 2014 Published Usurper Kings Poetry Collection with Vraeyda Literary

  • 2014 Joined The Writer's Union of Canada

  • 2015 Published "Madonna", "Gentle Rage", "Chaos Machines & the Universe Child", "Eve & the Other"

  • 2016 Published "Spellbound", Began "Son of Abel" serial in MacroMicroCosm Literary & Art Journal

  • 2016 Workshop Speaker: Maneuvering the Media Ocean: Social Media for Authors

  • 2016 The Writer's Union of Canada elected Sapha as a National Council Advocate at the AGM.

  • 2017 Published Son of Abel with Vraeyda Literary.

Sapha's Bio

Sapha Burnell was born in Vancouver, BC in the 80’s and teethed on images of the Berlin Wall falling down. The product of Vancouver's multiculturalism, she steeped in divergent cultures, religious experiences and gender roles from an early age. Concentrating on the Backgrounds of English Literature, Sapha wrote on comparative mythologies & fairy tale, Old Norse, world religions, & film in University. On hiatus from the written word, Sapha volunteered in Ghana, West Africa for a medical charity, and returned to Canada with an international perspective on gender, and storytelling. 

In 2014, Sapha published her poetry collection Usurper Kings (Vræyda Literary). Her novella Son of Abel debuted in MacroMicroCosm Literary & Art Journal, then was published unabridged in 2017. Sapha was elected as BC/Yukon Regional Representative for The Writer's Union of Canada's National Council at the 2017 AGM. She lives in Pitt Meadows, BC with her spouse, and travels to speak on gender roles, martial arts, comparative mythology and social media/promotion for creative professionals.

Sapha is available throughout Western Canada & the United States for readings of her poetry, speculative fiction & as a lecturer on increasing diversity in Canadian literature, comparative mythology, Beowulf, martial arts & self defence, and social media for creative professionals. 

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