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"A work of jaw droppingly beautiful discovery." Kevin Hogan

 Sapha is an avid martial artist, as well as poet, author & speaker.

Sapha is an avid martial artist, as well as poet, author & speaker.

Sapha Burnell (Advocate, National Council TWUC 2016-2017) is available throughout Western Canada & the United States for readings of her poetry, speculative fiction & as a lecturer on increasing diversity in Canadian literature, comparative mythology, Beowulf, martial arts & self defence, and social media for creative professionals. 

For radio, tv, blog, webcam interviews, readings, speaking engagements & to contact Sapha for live events, please fill out the contact form below.

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May 2: Tellers of Short Tales 

The Anvil Centre, New West, BC - Sapha is headlining May 2nd's Tellers of Short Tales hosted by the Royal City Literary Arts Society. Come see Sapha read a selection of short stories and get curious at the Q & A. The program is free, come check us out, and prepare to purchase Sapha's latest.

June 1 - 3: The Writers' Union of Canada AGM & On Words Conference

Vancouver, BC - The Writers' Union of Canada is hosting their annual general meeting & On Words Conference in Vancouver, BC. Sapha will be there as a National Council member & author. 

Career Highlights

  • 1996 Published first poem "Lullaby" in Poetry Anthology at the age of 11.
  • 1998 Published second poem "Icarus" 
  • 2005 Won Horizons Award for Best Villain, Best Characterization, Best Dialogue & Best Comedic Moment
  • 2006 Won Horizons Award for Best Duel, Best Villain, Best Protagonist & Best Comedic Moment
  • 2007 Published "Generosus" in [ S P A C E S ] Literary Journal
  • 2010 Assistant Instructor of Self Defence for Women & Martial Arts for Men at a Liberal Arts University
  • 2013 Won Trainee Instructor of the Year Award for Region 119C (WTTU)
  • 2014 Published "Rust" in MacroMicroCosm Literary & Art Journal
  • 2014 Published Usurper Kings Poetry Collection with Vraeyda Literary
  • 2014 Published "Hedonism Wholesale Inc Part 1" in MacroMicroCosm Literary & Art Journal
  • 2014 Joined The Writer's Union of Canada
  • 2015 Published "Madonna", "Gentle Rage", "Chaos Machines & the Universe Child", "Eve & the Other"
  • 2016 Published "Spellbound", Began "Son of Abel" serial in MacroMicroCosm Literary & Art Journal
  • 2016 Workshop Speaker: Maneuvering the Media Ocean: Social Media for Authors
  • 2016 The Writer's Union of Canada elected Sapha as a National Council Advocate at their 2016 AGM.
  • 2017 Published Son of Abel with Vraeyda Literary.



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