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Sapha Burnell (Advocate, National Council TWUC 2016-2017) is available throughout Western Canada & the United States for readings of her poetry, speculative fiction & as a lecturer on increasing diversity in Canadian literature, comparative mythology, Beowulf, Taekwondo & self defence, and social media for creative professionals. 

For radio, tv, blog, webcam interviews, readings, speaking engagements & to contact Sapha for live events, please email: saphaburnell [at] icloud [dot] com or call 604.866.4414 and ask for Sapha.

Sapha Burnell’s first collection of poetry, is a splendid riot of expression. From her amazingly visceral opening of Let There Be Light to her final haunting echo in the book’s Epilogue, Burnell’s voice jumps off the page, much like a microphone-wielding circus MC standing center ring. Though you might not catch all that’s going on at first read, you’re made deeply aware that Burnell’s motions and movements are all carefully aimed at studying what it means to be feminine, regardless of one’s gender.
And just as the original, or ancient, circus was a place to proudly display one’s physical prowess, Burnell puts on a creative tour du force for her readers through five acts and an Epilogue that combine to make a work of jaw-droppingly beautiful discovery.
— Kevin Hogan


February 15th - Online Book Launch for Son of Abel

Online - Join Sapha online for a live video-feed event celebrating her new magic realism novella Son of Abel. Sapha will be taking questions, doing a live reading & simulcasting on Facebook, Goodreads, Twitter, YouTube and Google Hangouts. Keep checking in for info.

February 17th - Son of Abel Book Launch

Vancouver, BC TBA - Sapha is launching Son of Abel with a bang in the Vancouver, BC! Join Sapha for her launch, hear her read and get a signed copy of Son of Abel. 

February 18th - Son of Abel Book Party

Pitt Meadows, BC - The Fraser Valley is getting its' own Son of Abel launch party! Come out to the JIA Cafe in Osprey Village, Pitt Meadows for bubble tea, coffee, desserts & an adventurous night with Sapha Burnell. Pre-Sale Tickets include an exclusive private reception Meet & Greet with Sapha.

Tickets On Sale at Vraeyda Media Inc's Square Store & include a signed copy of Son of Abel.

May 2nd - Tellers of Short Tales 

Renaissance Books, New West, BC - Sapha is headlining May 2nd's Tellers of Short Tales hosted by the Royal City Literary Arts Society. Come see Sapha read a selection of short stories and get curious at the Q & A. The program is free, come check us out, and prepare to purchase Sapha's latest.

June 1 - 3rd - The Writers' Union of Canada AGM & On Words Conference

Vancouver, BC - The Writers' Union of Canada is hosting their annual general meeting & On Words Conference in Vancouver, BC. Sapha will be there as a National Council member & author. 

Career Highlights

  • 1996 Published first poem "Lullaby" in Poetry Anthology at the age of 11.
  • 1998 Published second poem "Icarus" 
  • 2005 Won Horizons Award for Best Villain, Best Characterization, Best Dialogue & Best Comedic Moment
  • 2006 Won Horizons Award for Best Duel, Best Villain, Best Protagonist & Best Comedic Moment
  • 2007 Published "Generosus" in [ S P A C E S ] Literary Journal
  • 2010 Assistant Instructor of Self Defence for Women at a Liberal Arts University
  • 2011 Assistant Instructor of Self Defence for Women & Martial Arts for Men at a Liberal Arts University
  • 2013 Won Trainee Instructor of the Year Award for Region 119C (WTTU)
  • 2014 Published "Rust" in MacroMicroCosm Literary & Art Journal
  • 2014 Published Usurper Kings Poetry Collection with Vraeyda Literary
  • 2014 Published "Hedonism Wholesale Inc Part 1" in MacroMicroCosm Literary & Art Journal
  • 2014 Joined The Writer's Union of Canada
  • 2015 Published "Madonna", "Gentle Rage", "Chaos Machines & the Universe Child", "Eve & the Other"
  • 2016 Published "Spellbound", Began "Son of Abel" serial in MacroMicroCosm Literary & Art Journal
  • 2016 Workshop Speaker: Maneuvering the Media Ocean: Social Media for Authors
  • 2016 The Writer's Union of Canada elected Sapha as a National Council Advocate at their 2016 AGM.
  • 2017 Published Son of Abel magic realism novella with Vraeyda Literary.